housing at central penn college

housing at central penn college makes you feel right at home

at central penn college we don’t have cramped dorm rooms. we give you the option to either live in one of our newly renovated super suites or in one of our apartments. not to mention that incoming students who qualify and choose to live on campus may be eligible for free housing!

these real-world living arrangements provide you with the benefits and responsibilities of adult life – all while having fun and making new friends. resident advisors are on hand to help resolve problems and assist you with adjusting to college life. providing a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for living and learning is our number one goal.

housing at central penn college

free housing initiative

central penn college is offering free housing to incoming students who qualify. this equates to $5,800 savings for students who start in the summer and attend classes continuously through the spring.

to be eligible for free housing

students must:

  • attend full-time
  • be in good academic and financial standing
  • avoid any disciplinary issues

qualified students will still be responsible for tuition, utilities and meal plan costs.

*central penn college’s free housing initiative is contingent upon the approval of the college’s board of trustees and available housing capacity. the initiative may be discontinued at any time at the college’s discretion.

real world housing options

super suites 

each of our newly renovated super suites feature seven individual bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 vanity areas, and a large common area. students have their own room and only have to share a bathroom area with one other student.

Central Penn College offers single super suites

each bedroom in the super suites include:

  • a single bed (twin xl)
  • a dresser with drawers
  • a desk and chair
  • closet area

the common area includes:

  • a large sofa
  • an armchair
  • a coffee table
  • a mini-fridge and microwave
  • a large table with chairs
  • a tv stand


apartment-style housing is available for our upperclassmen and non-traditional aged residential students. each apartment can accommodate up to four people, with two people per bedroom. students have a shared bathroom, vanity area, living room, and kitchen.

Living in an apartment at Central Penn prepares you for the real world

each bedroom in the apartments include:

  • twin xl bed ( 1 per student)
  • desk with chair ( 1 per student)
  • dresser ( 1 per student)
  • closet area ( 1 per student)

the kitchen includes:

  • stovetop and oven
  • full sized refrigerator
  • table and chairs
  • Cabinets & two pantries
  • full sink

apartments also feature a living room with 1 couch.

accommodations for special needs

central penn values individuals who desire to overcome disabling conditions to achieve their academic goals and does not discriminate against students with disabilities and stands ready to assist when accommodations can reasonably be provided.

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guest and visitor policy

students are permitted to have one guest in their residence only if there are no objections from those residing within the unit. if a student does not want visitors to stay in the residence, other arrangements should be made.

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meet central penn’s residence life team!

lindsay garber

director of residence life

brianna kondas

residence life coordinator

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