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campus clinic

the campus clinic is located in super suite 127 at the intersection of college hill road and b street in summerdale. the clinic is open on mon-thurs. from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. for on-campus hours and available for virtual care hours mon–fri from 9 a.m.–9 p.m. by appointment.

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counseling services

central penn college offers free counseling services to all students, regardless of whether they live on campus or commute, or if they are in a face-to-face or online program. students can schedule in person or over the phone counseling sessions.

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campus technology services

the mission of the central penn it department is to stay current with technology trends and make utilization of technology easier for students, faculty, and staff through advising, teaching, automation, and troubleshooting.

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public safety

central penn’s public safety department consists of five full-time safety and security officers and one part-time officer. the public safety officers enforce campus regulations, handling investigations and performing vehicle and foot patrols.

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the learning center

the learning center, located in atec 302, consists of tutoring assistants that supports central penn students’ academic success. you also can access the learning center resources 24/7 through the center’s blackboard page. online students can video chat with tutors.

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dining services

Central Penn’s cafeteria is known as the Knight & Day Café, a fun, casual and laid-back eatery that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The café offers an enticing menu including burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, soups, salads and more!

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title ix

central penn college maintains the principle that the campus should be a place of work and learning, free of all forms of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, intimidation, exploitation, and sexual misconduct. 

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weather-related changes

your safety is paramount. at central penn college, we make weather-related changes with that safety in mind. classes can easily be transfered to blackboard or adjusted based on severe weather.

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student handbook

central penn college publishes an electronic student handbook annually with periodic updates in an effort to provide updated information to students on an ongoing basis.

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capital bluecross theatre

the theatre at central penn college enriches the lives of central penn students and members of the local community by providing opportunities for cultural enrichment. the 250-seat black box theatre features concerts, performances and gallery shows.

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