central penn college athletics

athletics at a small college provide big opportunities

central penn college athletics’ intercollegiate sports teams compete in the u.s. collegiate athletic association (uscaa division ii), which allows our student athletes to compete against other colleges, regionally and nationally.

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intercollegiate sports

  • baseball
  • basketball (men’s and women’s)
  • soccer (men’s and women’s)

intramural / community sports

  • kickball
  • flag football
  • sand volleyball

2018-2019 records

  • baseball: 8-14
  • men’s basketball: 13-12
  • women’s basketball: 9-12
  • men’s soccer: 5-3-1
  • women’s soccer: 7-3

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2018-2019 all americans

  • ja’lynn burton-jones (academic/2nd team)
  • noah baylor (2nd team)
  • ryan lawrence (honorable mention)
  • connor graham (academic/honorable mention)
  • madeline gleason (academic)

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